Motorcycle parts for my birthday?! You shouldn't have!

Francis: Today's my birthday and my father says I can have anything I want.
Pee-wee: Good for you and your father.
Francis: So guess what I want.
Pee-wee: A new brain?
Francis: No. Your bike!

I turned 36 today (YIKES!) and I'm truly fortunate to be surrounded by people who care about me. Clearly, they also know I have a one track mind.

Smiths Chronometric Tach

My girlfriend, with the help of the Scottish master of subterfuge Hugh, located and picked up this rarest of the rare Tachometer for my pre-unit Triumph project. There's a great little page of info on The Velobanjogent

Morgo Gear Drive Oil Pump

If the tach wasn't enough she also dropped this Morgo gear drive oil pump in my lap. I'm pretty sure she's gunning for a ring. Either way, its working. I've been dying to get one of these bad boys for the pre-unit as I've bumped the motor up to a short rod 750 and it will be needing all the oil it can get.

Custom ARD Magneto Cover

Peter whipped up this cnc machined cover for the ARD magneto on my race bike. I needed to take photos of it before the bike went around the track a few times.

Exhaust Brackets

Fumi welded up these super strong exhaust brackets for my champion Triumph 500 flat tracker. The original brackets were total crap and I've broken a few pairs. Notice the tags are in Japanese. Left in Japanese is "Hi da ri" and right is "Mi gi".

Even the president approved of my birthday!

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  1. Chico says:

    Happy Birthday man!

    even though we broke up.

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