helmet laws suck

well, not in CT - there's no helmet law here!

Houston Astrodome - Jan. 1971

Clearly, winter was far more tolerable for flat track racers back in the 70's.

Time to break open the piggy banks

On February 27th, Bonhams will auction off a collection of 100 pre-1950 motorcycles at the RAF Museum, Hendon. For those of us that don't have a few grand laying around, the catalog is a mind-blowing history lesson of the evolution of the motorcycle.

Check out the catalog here.

1926 Harley-Davidson 74ci Model J OHV Racing Motorcycle

1931 Brough Superior 990cc SS100

1940 Harley-Davidson 74ci Model U

1942 Triumph 343cc 3HW

1932 BSA 986cc Model G32-14

1932 Norton 490cc Model 16H

1954 Vincent 998cc Series-C Rapide

Hammer Down!

Watching this made me, shovel the snow out from in front of my garage and hammer down to get a pack of smokes...Three neighborhoods past my local 7-11. OOOFA! got my blood goin!

Every commercial should be like this

The five year old in me is screaming "WICKED!!!!"

The 35 year old in me is contemplating stealing FIM's car just to enter.

Cheer up Matt...

... it happens to the best of us

Not so smilin' jack

Gorgeous day for a ride. Headed out to meet Flat Iron Mike & some of the guys off i-95 for the famous PePe's pizza run. Was in the mood to ride. Was in the mood to eat! Cruising north on 95 a loud bang & smoke. Shits flying out from under my bike. Pulling off I look down. I've just cracked my engine casing. 45mins. $200's later. I'm rolling my bike off a flat bed truck into FIM's garage.

Big thanks everyone for their patience & help. Hope you enjoyed PePe's.

*Pics of the crack & my sack lunch on the side walk waiting for my tow.

Mex in Drunxico

Ensenada, Baja - April 2007

No matter how many decals go on my race bike...

...this will always be my favorite!


I don't know who this guy is....I just stumbled across his blog and it rules! His photos are shear beauty through simplicity

Reading is Fun-da-Mental

Ive been reading this book, and can honestly say it keeps me up at night with thoughts of old barns, dark basements and attics loaded to the rafters with rare bike bits and knucklehead motors...Check it out at your local book stand.

The best news I've heard all week

I can't even begin to describe how unbelievably devastated I'd be if I lost my dog. Hank has been my best friend, therapist, sidekick and partner in crime for the last eight and a half years. Like most people, I feel that my dog is more than a pet, he's a member of the family.

Jesse James' three week nightmare proves that some things are far more important in life than fame, money, or yes, even motorcycles.

Welcome home Cinnabun!

Adopt an animal here.

So long Rock 'n' Roll Tornado

Dale Hawkins (August 22, 1936 - February 14, 2010)

Rockabilly legend Dale Hawkins passed away at 73 yesterday after battling colon cancer. His 1957 hit "Susie Q," was covered by both Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Rolling Stones. On a personal note I named my first motorcycle after the song. He will be missed.

Natural Born Skiller!

There are few people left in this world, that posses the skills required to lay hands on metal and produce such beauty... without the use of Hi-Tech CNC Machines, WaterJets, and Fancy New Fandangle Gizmos.
Cully is a man of Metal Greatness, and Skilled Hands with a File and Mill. I asked for a points cover and what I got is pure unadulterated hand made goodness...Thanks Cully!
Keep an eye open for a full feature on Cully (Cullybilt) in the near future...His Triumphs are enough to make you tingle in the pants area.

Is it race season yet?

My new Trackmaster framed 1973 Triumph 750 race bike. Some of the go fast goodies include:

  • Trackmaster flat track frame
  • Balanced and lightened crank assembly
  • Ceriani Fork w/ Betor trees
  • Redline primary
  • ARD Magneto Cover w/Joe Hunt Mag
  • Harmon & Collins race cams
  • Black diamond valves
  • High compression pistons
  • Quick change alloy wheels
  • Mikuni Carburetors w/ K&N filters
  • Vortex Bars
  • Grimeca brake

Go Fast, Turn Left!!!!

Check out this months issue of Ironhorse for Josh's article on this past year's Maine land speed racing meet and mention of our Land speed racing team along with some great photo's

#10 Restaurant

If you are a fan of barbecue you will never find a place better than #10 in Elizabeth, NJ. At just a few minutes over the Goethels Bridge it is very conveniently located for the NY crowd. A real relaxed and family like atmosphere with a killer patio eating area that is open year round with a killer view of the chef doing his thing on the parrilla (grill). They have a very diverse menu with pastas, salads, seafood and of course their famous Parrillada (a mix of different types of slow wood cooked meats). They also have a well stocked antique bar for all you alcoholics out there. Authentic Uruguayan food at its best and without the pricey airfare.


#10 Restaurant

515 Jackson Ave
Elizabeth, NJ 07201


You can not argue this man's ruler status.

I'm a pickin'...

and you're a grinnin'

LES, NYC - Spring 2008

Loud suits save lives!

It's the end of the road for the east coast's reject motorcycle family. The bitter legal battle between Paul "The Walrus" Teutul and his inbred offspring seems to have fueled TLC's decision to cancel American Chopper.

The age of "choppers" and theme bikes is finally over.

There is a god!

My other bike is a fighter plane!

Don Geffen with his Hurricane and Enfield.

From here via TNCRS

True Jerz culture

Visited some friends today,
They were getting some work done

snow chains anyone?

no traction to speak of today. gave it the ol' college try though.

Dreams of Flying...

I remember waking up that morning with this hit, haunting my head. I woke up Clark, loaded the truck and headed out to Reche Canyon....That was 7 years ago today and 90feet of virginity.

Kind of like a bad bike

Cross training

Lecturing a Bicycle repair workshop, NYC '05

King of the road

I know I should say something like: "Stunts like these will get you hurt or killed. Abusing your bike is terrible. blah blah blah." But in all honesty, I would like to believe people out there understand the basic principles of cause and effect. Furthermore, you need to give these guys props for the level of skill and control they're exhibiting on those Harleys.

Man, I hate the winter!

Ton Up Suckers!

107mph... Watch for the Trooper sitting on the shoulder at the end. Woops!

'smilin' jack'

Our newest rider in the True East area is photog Matt Simmons aka 'Smilin' Jack'. Matt's first bike is this fine '67 650 from Sixth Street Cycles in NYC. Hugh hooked 'em up well. As you can see, his nickname is most evident. Welcome to the fray, Matt (We'll get him a different helmet, promise...)

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