R.I.P. Chris "Poke" Hendricks

You will forever be missed love you my brother....DMS-BS FOREVER

Leo Payne's Turnip Eater

I heart this bike...Ironhead Drag bike

Chopper say brush ya teeth!


Some of the best....

Bobby Womack serenades some of the illest 70's choppers ever compiled in one reel.


Tyler and Kyle throw a mean party...See ya there

Fuck BP Gas Corp!!!

Yeah, we ride 2 wheeled death traps with reckless abandon....But some of us depart from our land loving hobbies and also surf, fish or just enjoy the beautiful ocean that god granted us.
Im not a tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I hate trees. I hate raking leaves in the fall and pollen fucks my head up all spring. Not to mention bird shit on a freshly painted tank.

Where was I going with all this? Oh yeah Fuck BP...Skip BP stations on your next 2 wheeled adventure. They didn't give a shit about a faulty check valve and now we have billions of gallons of oil killing one of the last natural reefs in the world. Countless sea life is being pushed to extinction. Oil changes are for Panheads not Hammerheads!


My new BFF's

Finally got to kick it with these fellas HOTW & FOTS Really cool down to earth crew with some real neat bikes and a kick ass attitude. Im usually not real jazzed about new people, but sometimes people step in and make me realize what an asshole I am for not wanting to make new friends.... Clarke (Freak out the Squares) is by far one of the coolest cats I've met in a long time, and keeps just as good company with the rest of his crew...all stand up dudes.

Brian (Hated of the World) , just a solid dude with great ideas, and really gets the whole picture. With all the hoopla in the bike scene, humble guys like this are a real pleasure to have kicked it with... Till next time fellas....Ride to the Kills!!!!!

Ride 2 Skate FDR park Philly

Trip was a blast... Did some serious hammering around Philly, almost got completely wrecked by a mini van, drank some beers, got tons of free shit, made some new friends, saw some old ones...
Clarke from Freak out The Squares is a seriously cool dude, a million thanks owed for all his hard work, Joe Zito did a bang-up job organizing the event, cant believe this little gathering turned into such a monster of a party in a few short years.
Enjoy the random point and shoots...More pictures coming soon...

Click The Here for Brads Slide Show:

Do not miss this!

If anyone is riding out from the NYC area...Feel free to hit me up and roll out...Its gonna be an epic journey.

Hot Rod Riot 5 - Sat. July, 10 - Ellington, CT

the folks at Murdercycles have announced the date of the HRR5. Saturday, July 10. different location this year at the their new compound in Ellington. always a quality event. here's the flyer and pics of previous Riots.

Street Beast update

Just incase anyone is actually following this build...Shes done.
Hats off to CullyBilt and Ryzart...Much respect for all your help!

Street Beast is done!

Took the ride out to Ryzart's on Sunday morning...and although Im always shocked with the shear handsomeness of this fine young talented painter from the Polish slums of New Jersey...When he swung back the door to his private shop nestled neatly on a dimly lit counter, beside a Suicidal Tendencies CD and 40,ooo Dollars in un registered Swiss Deutch Marks, was the most amazing thing I have ever laid eyes on....No it wasnt Allysa Milano in crotchless panties hiding 2 fingers in her No-No spot...It was a pristine and glassy 70's Paugcho tank, layered with striping and flames that look as if they jumped from the devils tongue. Ryzart is just one of those painters that knocks it out of the box everytime...because he doesnt paint inside the box....Flaked Panels, and all the overly exhausted 70's theme boat hoopla...No not this man. Sure he can stencil some bubbles and fish scales should you ask him to do so but really there are plenty of other painters that would love to take your money and give you back the same old BS line em up and knock em down paint job....and those other guys will be eating Top Ramen out of an empty Folgers can in a few months once the fad wears off and Flake is the new 300 rear tire joke.
Hats off to you Ryzart...Keep doin what ya doin, cause it works! Dirty Jeerz keeps it gully!

Been quietly diggin...for a Digger

Ive been M.I.A the last few weeks...just slammed with work and BS. But I finally found a suitable Digger candidate...74 XLCH
Stay Tuned.

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