It's that time again...

listen up riders in the 4-season regions who are diggin' out your rides from the back of the shed / garage / kitchen. Spring's about to be sprung and you'll need to get your ride(s) in shape. here's a friendly reminder to wrench BEFORE you ride. yeah, this means you. jot down this simple checklist and avoid around 90% of problems that'll put you on the side of the road faster than ..... [insert smarmy line here]

now, get to wrenchin':

change oil / filter

check / replace sparkplugs

add fresh gas and check / clean / replace fuel / air filter element

check chain alignment / tension

check motor and trans mount nuts / bolts

check exhaust bolts / flanges

lubricate zerk grease fittings

check tires / tire pressure - a sitting bike in cold temps can bleed air pressure

check wheels / spokes

check electric / ignition connections / battery - wipe down battery between posts to avoid current leaching and slowly draining the charge

grease / lubricate cables

check brakes / brake hoses / fluid levels

check bulbs, especially brake lights

and, finally - fix that pesky, loose, broken whatever that you've been putting off since last season!

see you on the road

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