Hammer Time with Cully and Marco

In this Great, Big, Crazy, Pseudo Celebrity infested world of choppers....Sometimes you meet people that even if they had never seen a motorcycle, you'd still want to call them a friend.
Just so in the case of my friendship with Cully.
With a deep bloodline of legendary HotRod, Welding, Fabrication History, Its no wonder he's so humble...A far cry from most people you'll find with self touting internet fame these days...Can you imagine he doesnt even have a blog?!
But I digress... Cully has always been more then inviting whenever I needed help, and sometimes just when I think Im out staying my welcome, he's just starting to have fun.

Well so it goes, I missed calculated the fender clearance on my "Derringer" project and without hesitation Cully offered up his shop and skill to bail me out. Now we could have just gone the route of lets just make a bracket and raise the fender, but "wheres the fun in that"...."Lets make an entire tail section from scratch"....And so on one rain saturated weekend in Huntington NY...a man of Metal Greatness gave 2 days, to a wet behind the ears fabricator and showed him how to use a ruler, and a wooden hammer....Thanks Cully. Heres to You.

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