Fritz Schenck paints my Champion Triumph 500 Flat Tracker (Part 1)

After a season of racing my Champion framed Triumph 500 flat tracker with a rattle can paint job, my friend Fritz Schenck took my tank & tail (almost by force) to give it a proper paint job. To be honest, the bike didn't quite look right next to the metal flake cobalt and silver of my Trackmaster framed Triumph 750.

Fritz is most famous for his restorations of several of Ed Roth's cars such as the Megacycle, The Druid Princess as well as clones of the Mysterion and The Outlaw. If that wasn't impressive enough, Fritz has reiceved high acclaim for his own creation, The Roswell Rod, and served as the go to guy for incredible paint jobs for some of Indian Larry's most famous bikes as well as the Indian Larry Legacy Biker Build-Off Bikes.

Fritz's Roswell Rod

Don't look...she's naked!

I told Fritz he was crazy to want to paint a race bike, considering how much abuse they take. I should note calling Fritz crazy is pretty much stating the obvious. Fritz's response was "So? I'll just repaint it! Besides, there's going to be a million coats of clear on it."

Custom paint stand

I told Fritz I wanted to keep the look of the bike somewhat traditional to how Champion framers looked back in the 70's.

Ridden by Dave Hansen, this Les Edwards prepared Champion frame Triumph won the 1974 Houston Astrodome TT race.

I knew Fritz would add his own style to the paint job but I was amazed when I saw the following photos. A heavily flaked crimson paint that fades from dark on the bottom to brighter red on top. If that wasn't enough it's covered in tons of variegated gold leaf!

He still needs to do the pinstriping and even more clear, but I'm already blown away.

You can check out some of Fritz's work here but stay tuned...I'm building him a new website. (I figure if he can make my work look incredible, I can do the same for him)

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