King Dead Beat lays it on the line...Dig!

The link below waslifted right from KingDeadBeats blog and this man just layed the smack down on the whole scene and the scenesters that go with it. Why do I dig this so much you may ask? Well because this motorcycle/chopper/bobber/period correct/cafe hoopla bro down has gotten way out of control...Just like in the late 90's when all the out of state hipsters started invading Brooklyn with their trust fund money, and forcing the "culture" out of the neighborhoods...Thus resulting in a Nike Dunk fashion show up and down the avenue. "Yeah man come to my loft party"..."Your your your the coolest"... "wear one of my hand made vintage tshirts, lets be friends"
No mother fucker! 5 years ago you woulda got tsuck for ya Nike Dunks and Duct Taped naked to an El Poll on Broadway and Myrtle ave... Shit aint sweet and one day it'll all come back full circle and all the dress the part wanna be club members are gonna get stripped of there 300.oo ebay found Swazi sissy bar badge, and get sent home walkin...if their legs dont get broke first.
Read it here on King DeadBeats blog

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  1. Chico says:

    i was gonna give you a shirt,but now my feelings are hurt and i just can't stand to look at myself in the mirror.

    fuck everyone.


    DEADBEAT says:

    Yeah guys, thanks for the props,I ain't hatin' on the dudes that do it for the love of the "Sport"...if you must, I'm hatin' on the trend-hoppin bandwagon mother-fuckers. Wether it be the fixie-fags or the chopper-bobber daddies, for some, it's life, others a "Scene"..if you are real, yeah,I'll rock your shirt, but if a shirt is all you got, then you can keep it.

    Thanks for knowin' whats up guys.

    Not to be a dick, but...
    - This rant was on a "blog"
    - There is a link to all kinds of tshirts and trucker hats immediately below the story
    - further down in the blog are scanned vintage magazine covers

    I dont get it, then yer saying you will wear someone elses shirt. this whole thing is super gay

    but that drawing is super fuckin funny!!

    Marco says:

    Were just as bad...Except were much cooler. What Deadbeat is saying is, if you just hopped on 2 wheels...don't go and try to make a buck or hump the trend. Pay your dues and bring something fresh to the table..Most of us know each other on a personal level, some maybe through a love for bikes...but at some point it trancsended the whole brodown chopper shit and actual friendships were developed.

    DEADBEAT says:

    I appreciate the complete disecting of the irony of my blog-based, blog hating e-rant....I just looked at your blog ELLAVAMPIRE and decided I'm coming at this all wrong, next time I'll follow your cutting egde lead on how a bloggie should be run... nice post(s)? by the way on your rant is weird, but if you get it, you get it.

    DEADBEAT says:

    P.S. Sorry Chico, just read your inquiry about the Nahzi helmet, I just layed some rattle can and some goofy airbrush fades, and stripes on an old novelty, If you wanna send one, I'd love to practice....just pay for it to

    Chico says:

    no worries.
    i would love too,but i gotta keep pluggin on my bike.
    every penny has been going into it.
    man...sometimes the truth hurts people...even on a blog rant/post.
    trust me,i threw one up not too long ago and had all kinds of whiny ass,bitchers.
    keep on keepin on.

    hotsos says:

    deadbeat, thanks for critiquing my "blog" that's just a place holder for my 13 yr old daughter's e-comic, the photo is just something from my desktop of a girl I shot last month. So yeah, my blog sucks, I don't really have one. I had to use some account to post my reply, I didn't even realize that ella vampire was still there, we setup the blog on a different server in the end. you internet guys are all fags BTW... happyface symbol

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