Johnny Cash doesn't take your shit.

The man in black in his acting debut, the 1961 film noir Five Minutes To Live.

In the film, Johnny plays a cold hearted, guitar playing killer tasked with holding a bank manager's wife hostage while his partner holds up the bank. The plan, of course, runs into a few hiccups. One of which being the bank manager's affair with another woman. This makes it pretty hard to get the manager to comply as allowing his wife's death gives him an obvious out in his marriage so he can be with his mistress.

Johnny Cash is surprisingly good in the role. However, it should be noted that the role he is playing is pretty much Johnny Cash with a mean streak and a gun. His character is sadistic and disgusted with suburbia and his sole redeeming quality is his care for children. But this is more so brought on buy guilt for causing the death of another child than actual love.

Look for a very young Ron Howard as Robbie, the bank manager's son.

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