This is how the REAL NYC crew rolls!

Sixth St. Racing tearing up Oakland Valley Speedway, NY

All photos by the amazing Becky Kosch

Art show

Another art showcase from Sic Chix,
Come party and buy one of my photos damn it!
FYI, Adams will be there and one of the other headliners MAY make an appearance.

BSA, world's best motorbike.

LSR report.

Just got back from the races early Monday morning, lots of good stuff happened over the weekend for Land speed racing, none for us though. More info and pics later but for now I'll leave you guys with a "just off the starting line" photo.

Another perfect weekend for racing!

The yellow box on the fork is a transponder for recording lap times

The Spritz by Fritz paintjob didn't stay clean for long

Showing a little love to my friends

Fumi calmly swapping sprockets on his Sonicweld 500

Rigid Sonicweld frame. Note: NYS Inspection sticker on the fork

I'll post race photos soon.

Yah Sonnnn!!!!!

Kicking butt and taking names.
ECTA Award banquet was a good time, racing this weekend didn't go as well as we had hoped but we can say we where there when our good friend, "Wild Bill", went 272mph to become the world's fastest motorcycle.

Home of the "Rod Snappers"

Some pretty serious muscle was coming out of Long Island in the 70's...Shame they closed up The Freeport drags, South Hampton isnt what it used to be, and Islip is Long Gone too...

a good good friday friday

rolled the I95 corridor this past good friday to meet up with Smilin' Jack and enjoy a little Springtime in the City. first stop, Sixth Street Specials to pick up the freshly tuned '67 650. next stop, the clubby, old style charm of the Velvet Cigar Lounge - smoking not prohibited. wrapped the afternoon with the pizza in the City, Arturo's Coal Oven Pizza. good times.

Sixth Street Specials, 6th Street at Avenue C

Velvet Cigar Lounge, 7th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue

Arturo's Pizza, West Houston Street at Thompson Street

A warning about putting stickers on my race bike...

I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.

- Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

Peter thought it would be hilarious if he decorated my new Trackmaster 750 with some stickers. I hope he likes how I'm keeping the dust off his new KTM and helmet. Five boxes of cling wrap and I feel a whole lot better.

See, I'm learning to channel my rage effectively and keep an even keel.

Fritz Schenck paints my Champion Triumph 500 Flat Tracker (Part 3)

My face is permanently frozen like this.

Today was truly like Christmas at Sixth St Specials. UPS delivered the boxes from Fritz and needless to say I was foaming at the mouth to put the bike back together.

Words fail me so I'll let Fritz's magic speak for itself.

Were Back....

After a 2 year hiatus...The OddVarks are back. Get ya Street Trackers, Flat Trackers, and Bobbed out Street machines of doom ready... Its gonna be a Helluva Summer!

True East Motor Culture... a part of it, philly style.

Done and gone

Another finished motorcycle and happy customer.
Please excuse the crappy cell phone photo.
Bike built by us at, JDS Cycle
Paint by, Ryzart

Sporty Breather...Keep it Classy

I picked up one of those Drag Spec. Sporty breather kits, it leaves a little to be desired but, for as cheap as it is, the horseshoe top cross over and banjo bolts were worth it.
Im going to swap out the kits provided black hose for some braided...
But I stepped to the lathe and turned down and tapped some aluminum for a little breather collector (the kit does not come with one) for the bottom of the hose...Just some regular foam to fill it in, polish it up....and Wahla! off to the races.
Im going to run it up under the seat, once I get the braided hose to dress it up a bit...but you get the point...Right?

I got in I got over I got gone

All I need is 45 and I can get on. I can get over. Give me 2 wheels. split lanes. Knees in the breeze. Ride the coast. Dodge the storms. Chase the sun. Lose this job. Shed this skin. I got in. I got over and I got gone...

Off to the races...

It's time to go fast and turn left! Flat Track season has officially begun.

(A HUGE thank you to Vander for letting me steal his truck for the day!)

LSR Time

Next weekend is our first race of the season, the bikes are all fine tuned and ready to rock and roll. How's 92.6 wheel HP out of a slightly under-bored and stock stroke 60's A65 BSA sound to you guys?

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