My new BFF's

Finally got to kick it with these fellas HOTW & FOTS Really cool down to earth crew with some real neat bikes and a kick ass attitude. Im usually not real jazzed about new people, but sometimes people step in and make me realize what an asshole I am for not wanting to make new friends.... Clarke (Freak out the Squares) is by far one of the coolest cats I've met in a long time, and keeps just as good company with the rest of his crew...all stand up dudes.

Brian (Hated of the World) , just a solid dude with great ideas, and really gets the whole picture. With all the hoopla in the bike scene, humble guys like this are a real pleasure to have kicked it with... Till next time fellas....Ride to the Kills!!!!!

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  1. Clarke says:

    if we end up in prison, its you and me man, all the way. great time brother. thanks for everything and not being an a hole. epic plans to cook up soon. dig it

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