Dont quote me boy... cause I aint said Shit!

A man walks into a bar with a duck under one arm and a Knucklehead motor under the which the bartender says...

So heres my introduction,
Born and raised in NY, seems like its been forever two wheels, art, music and a lust for Coney Island Knishes and Corner Slices of Sicilian Pizza. I wasn't born into hot rod or motorcycle royalty, as a matter of fact my father never even owned a motorcycle, but he had a knack for livin fast and mean.
Im no master fabricator, Im a mess with a paint gun, and I strip more bolts then Joan Jett's licked box. Never the less my love of motorcycles lead me down the road to a motorcycle racing career, and after traveling around the world....There really is no Place like the East Coast.
So heres my contribution to being born and bred a Right Coast nut job in a Buco Helmet!

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