Dont Hate The player...Hate the game

Lets assume putting a Flux Capacitor in a Delorian was possible, would you venture forth in time… Lets say 50 years. Only to find out the future of Motorsickles and Hotrods has gone the way of the Dodo.

Much like Micheal J Fox’s current health…the future looks shaky.
Suppose we get there and discover that the late 90’s Long Shiny Tribal Flamed chopper scene made a come back and is now considered classic, or dare I say nostalgic.
Kids are sanding door panels on the 2010 Camaro, that their father drove in highschool….Hell even Honda Civic Hatchbacks are now considered hotrods?

Outlook grim...but to whom?
Alot of us ride "vintage" iron and frown upon the Rubs motoring along on their decked out 2000 whatever Factory HD FLXRPDXYZ....
and with the MoCo trying to carve its nitch and exploit what we've come to love, they've since introduced a line of "Dark Customs" including the CrossBones complete with factory machine laid pinstripe....The 883 Iron, and now the 48. Some of us were hoping to see a throw back Pan perhaps? But even then, few of us would be pleased, picking it apart for having turn signals, E-Start and emissions reducing non flowing exhaust.

The MoCo has a tough road ahead of them indeed. Simply because its not possible for the factory to build a strip down, chopped out production motorcycle, for the shear fact that, stuffed suits in the government legislator have mandated things such as 02 sensors and turn signals. Strict guidelines that HAVE to be followed or it would be a sure future of empty showroom floors and chapter 11.

Most of our beefs haven't been with the machines themselves, but how the MoCo has handled its target audience. You just cant buy cool, nor can you duplicate it with commercials of skaters wearing flannel shirts and petting pitbulls, in a back alley.
Im sure the 17 year old kid, zipping around on his 1924 JD had one hand scratching his head when he first saw the Panhead motor in 1948...Big displacement engine with boy scout cooking tins as rocker boxes?
Its all a vicious cycle that will continue to repeat itself long after we are gone, but really what can you do? Yes Fuck The Factory....Support your Local Indy Shop, and Cut up that Genny Shovel... But maybe, just maybe one day your Grandson will be dragging home a barn fresh 2010 "48" Sportster....and Ask "Hey Pop didn't you have one of these" to which you'll sheepishly reply...yes

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